Airplane Mode is an event series designed to upgrade your brain’s operating system. We live in a world that’s fast paced, always connected and defined by continual change. It’s given us lots of great things. But it can also leave us feeling disoriented and dissatisfied. Now we need a new toolkit to successfully navigate the 21st century.

Each event explores a different theme to unlock personal growth through hands-on exercises and guided meditations.

Jorden de Rijk


Jorden realized that ‘there must be another way’ when he was fresh out of university. Since then his curiosity for learning and exploration have taken him on many exciting journies through life. These experiences have helped him get a better understanding of what that ‘other way’ might be – often touching the spiritual side of things to help guide him.

Atticus Harris


Atticus is a writer, thinker and organiser based in Amsterdam. He draws on almost 10 years of experience in the fields of technology, design and meditation to help others challenge their thinking and create personal-growth.


4 Minute Pause

A short holiday for your mind, delivered weekly. Take a seat, pour yourself a tea and breath deeply.